Breitling Emergency II Revealed! At extended last, the wait is more than.
The new Breitling Emergency II has been revealed. I know many of you may have been waiting for this watch to become revealed at Baselworld 2014, and here it is actually! The new watch has some really cool new characteristics such as a rechargeable battery and dual frequency transmitter. The world's very first wristwatch with a dual frequency locator beaconBreitling has reaffirmed its pioneering function within the field of technical watches and instruments for specialists by building the incredibly very first wristwatch using a built-in individual locator beacon (PLB).

The Emergency II can be a high-tech gem equipped using a dual frequency transmitter compliant with the specifications in the Cospas-Sarsat international satellite alert program and serving both to problem alerts and to guide search and rescue missions audemars piguet replica watch cheapest replica watches . swiss replica panerai Created in conjunction with important scientific institutes, the Emergency II is distinguished by numerous microelectronic and microtechnical innovations , which includes a revolutionary rechargeable battery, a miniaturized dual frequency transmitter and an unprecedented integrated antenna system 3 characteristics specifically developed for this model.

Because the initially ever wristworn dual frequency PLB, it establishes itself as a safety and survival instrument in all distress circumstances on land, at sea and in the air.
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